Exam 1 Details

  1. Write a short introduction about yourself. Tell your first name, your last name, that you are a student, the city where you live, the state where you live, and that you study at a university. You may not write anything in English or using the Latin alphabet. (15 pts.)

  2. Introduce in Russian any 3 of your friends or relatives to someone, using this construction: "This is my (mom, dad, brother, sister, male friend, female friend) (Name)". You may not write any names in English. You may introduce only one male and only one female friend. (15 pts.)

  3. How would people in these cities say where they live? You only need to write the correct form of the word in parenthesis. Don't write the phrase "Я живу в" in your reply. (10 pts.)

  4. How would you do the following in Russian? (15pts.)

  5. Translation. Click on a play button to hear a Russian phrase. Translate each phrase into English. (15 pts.)

  6. Click on a play button to hear a Russian phrase. Write down the phrase in Russian. (10 pts.)