Exam 5 details

A. Dictation. Click on a number to hear a Russian phrase. Write what you hear in Russian. Select any 3 of 5. (15 pts.)

B. Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions in Russian. Select 1 of 2 dialogues. (15 pts.)

C. Questions. Answer any 5 of the following written questions in Russian in complete sentences. (20 pts.)

D. How would you say this in Russian. Select any 5. (20 pts.)

E. Write down the time in Russian. Select any 3. (6 pts.)

F. Provide the correct form for each verb. (10 pts.)

     Example: Ты __________________________________. делать

G.  Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of идти, ходить, ехать, ездить. (5 pts.)

Example: Ты _____________________ в парк?