Exam 3 Information

A. How would you answer these personal questions in Russian? Answer in complete sentences. The questions are in audio format and answers are in written form. Based on online exercise 0756 and 0673. Select 3 out of 5 . (10). 

Example: На каком языке вы говорите? Incomplete answer: По-английски. Complete answer: Я говорю по-английски.

B. Translation. Click on a play button to hear a Russian phrase. Translate the phrase into good English. From online exercise 0757. Select 5 out of 8. (10 pts.)

C. How would you do this in Russian? Based on online exercise 0675 and 0795. Select 5 out of 8. (15 pts.)

D. Nationalities. Write down the words for the nationality of any 5 males and any five females. (10 pts.)

E. Verb conjugation. Fill in the blanks with the present tense form of the verb in parentheses. (10)

Example: Она _______________________ в Москве. (жить). Она живёт в Москве

F. Fill in each blank with the PAST TENSE form of the verb in parentheses. (5)
Example: Она _______________________ в Москве.  (жить). Она жила в Москве.

G. Fill in each blank with the prepositional form of the word or phrase in parentheses. (10)

Example: You see: новая книга. You write: новой книге.

H. Click on the play button to hear a conversation in Russian. Answer each of the questions in Russian in complete sentences. From one of the dialogues in this lesson. (10 pts.)