Exam 4 Information

  1. Answer personal questions. Select 5 out of 8.
    Review all exercises, including online Exercises 0679g0755
  2. Dictation. Select 5 out of 8
    Review all exercises, including online Exercise 0681.
  3. How would you say it in Russian?. Select 5 out of 8.
    Review all exercises, including online Exercise 0680.
  4. Complete each sentence with где, кто, что, почему, потому что, как.
    Like online Exercise 0440g.
  5. Fill in each blank with the accusative form of the phrase in parentheses.
    Review all exercises, including online Exercises 004200790428.
  6. Культура и быт. Select 5 out of 8.
    Review Study Guide Культура и быт.