Lesson 6 Test Info

Review ALL of the exercises in the Textbook, SAM and oline.

  1. Dictation. Select 3/5. From online Exercise 0697.
  2. How would you do the following? Like Упражнение 6-9 on page 201 of the Textbook. Select 5/8.
  3. Indicate where these objects are located in your house. Include the room and their position (using a verb of position). Select any 5/8. Review words for furniture, rooms in a house, and verbs of position.
    Example: You see: Где у вас иконы? You write: У меня иконы висят на стене в столовой.
  4. Dehydrated sentences. Compose a sentence from each set of words. Do not change the word oreder. Do not add additional words. All modifiers are given in the masculine form.
    1. У/он/нет/маленький/собака.
    2. У/мой/сестра/есть/новый/дача.
    3. Это/фотография/мой/красивый/жена.
    4. У/я/один/дача/два/газета/и/три/письмо
  5. Answer questions in English from the sections on Культура и быт.